GM Gary Wasniewski

Age: 69
Born: Bournemouth

Gary’s interest in martial arts started in 1966 with a book from USA. He has trained in Wado-Ryu Karate, Full Contact Karate and Kickboxing. 

He was graded by Amateur Karate Association – M.Suzuki Tech. Examiner/T.Hibbert Chairman in 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s. Gary trained Full Contact Karate with S.Morris in Cambridge Circus, London 1978 -1979. Gary was a fighter/squad member with Professional Karate Association 1979- 1982. 

Gary was international squad fighter for Amateur Karate Association 1979-1985. Gary was a senior member of English Karate Council, English Karate Board, English Karate Governing Body, Karate England, English Karate Federation, World Karate Federation which he currently holds 8th Dan WKF/EKF rank. In 2005 he was invited by Sport England to help create a new English Karate Governing Body. He also holds 10th Dan rank from many highly respected world martial arts governing bodies. These being non political and fair minded, such as World Grandmaster Council, Police Martial Arts Association, World Kickboxing League and many more. 

Gary founded the event London International HOF in 2006, which now celebrating 17 years of donating to Cancer Research. The only HOF that supports the fight against Cancer every year. Gary lost both Mother and Father to Cancer. 

Gary continues to train/teach everyday and leads by example not rank. GW. “It’s not the belt that counts, it’s the man within the belt!” Gary travels nationally and internationally to give seminars to all Martial Artists regardless of styles/affilations/politics. 

TYGA Club founded 1975, TYGA Association founded 1980, TYGA Federation founded 1990, TYGA Governing Body founded 2001


GM Gary Wasniewski Founder TYGA International, has been recognised worldwide for his incredible ability and dedication to the martial arts, which have earned him fame and respect all over the world. For over 50 years he has been pushing the boundaries of martial arts, starting in traditional karate/full contact, he then created the modern TYGA system. He is a World Martial Arts Champion. GM Gary Wasniewski continues to train every day without fail. He has been on the front covers of 23 world martial arts magazines. GM Gary has received awards from every major Hall of Fame around the world. 


World Record Certificate - Grand Master Gary Wasniewski


Grand Champion of the Year Award, Poland. 
WHFSC USA Excellence Award. 
WHFSC USA Seminar Award. 
Israeli Martial Arts HOF Lifetime Award. 
United States Isshinryu Karate Association International Ambassador Award. 
United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Lifetime Award GM. 

European Icon Award, WHFSC/World Grandmaster Council, USA. 
Best Kicker Award, London, England. 
Ambassador Award, Sports Karate Museum, Houston, Texas, USA. 
History General Award, Sports Karate Museum, Houston, Texas, USA. 
Fighter Award, Sports Karate Museum, Houston, Texas, USA. 
Inspirational Leadership and Instruction Award, London, England. 
Humanitarian of The Year Award, Israeli Martial Arts, Israel. 
United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Award, Houston, Texas, USA. 
10th Dan Sports Karate Museum, Houston, Texas, USA. 
History General Award, Sports Karate Museum, Houston, Texas, USA. 

Grandmaster Award, Spartan Hall of Honours, Tenerife, Spain. 
Platinum/Grandmaster Award, Barcelona, Spain. 
Leadership/Fighting Spirit Award, London, England. 

World’s Greatest Kicker Award, North American Hall of Fame, New York, USA. 
Grandmaster Award, SEKA Somerset, England. 

Martial Arts Honour Award, Action Hall of Fame, Atlantic City, USA. 
Legend Award, Munich Hall of Honours, Munich, Germany. 
World Greatest Kicker Award, London, England. 
Swiss Hall of Fame, Sword Award, London, England. 
Lifetime Achievement Award, World Martial Arts Heroes, London, England. 
World Record Kicker Championship Belt, WKL World Kickboxing League, USA. 
WHFSC Council, Grandmaster Award, Orlando, Florida, USA. 
WHFSC Council, Seminar Award, Orlando, Florida, USA. 
Swiss Hall of Honours, Excellence Award, Zurich, Switzerland. 

Legend Award, Martial Arts Academy, London, England. 
utstanding Achievements Martial Arts Award, Action Martial Arts Hall of Honours, Atlantic City, USA. 
Silver Honour Award, London, England. 
Tiger Head Award, London, England. 
Excellence Award, Swiss Hall of Honours, Zurich, Switzerland. 
Seminar Award, South England Karate Academy, Yeovil, England. 
Martial Arts Hero Award, Venice, Italy. 

Legend Award, Martial Arts Show, England. 
Shield of Honour Award, Haider Martial Arts Academy, London. 
Samurai Sword Award, London, England. 
Grandmaster Award of Excellence, WHFSC, Florida, USA. 
Gold Medal of Honour, Russian Martial Arts Federation, Russia. 
Martial Arts Legend Award, Pakistan Kickboxing Federation. 
Hall of Honour Award, London. 
Ceremonial Black Belt, Massar Martials Arts, UK. 
Legendary Fighter Award, Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine, UK. 

Seminar Award, Strabane, N.Ireland. 
Seminar Award, Donegal, Ireland. 
Budo Masters Director/Seminar Award, Rome, Italy. 
MAI Magazine, Lifetime/Legend Award, England. 
World Grandmaster Council/WHFSC, UK Representative Award, USA. 
Excaliber Sword Award, London, England. 
Champion Award, London, England. 
Samurai Award, London, England. 

TYGA Anniversary Award, UK. 
Seminar Award, Madrid, Spain. 
World Grandmaster Council, Seminar Award, Omaha, USA. 
World Grandmaster Council, Grandmaster Award, Omaha, USA. 
Seminar Award, Warsaw, Poland. 
International Budo Federation, 10th Dan/GM, Europe. 
Polish Martial Arts Federation, 10th Dan/GM, Warsaw, Poland. 
Crystal Award, Cambudo Federation, Strabane, N.Ireland. 
Grandmaster Award, London, England. 
Lifetime/Legend Award, Massar Martial Arts Federation, London, England. 

Chief Instructor Award, Shindo Wadokai, England. 
Grandmaster Award, Shindo Wadokai, England. 
8th Dan Award, English Karate Federation. 
Weapon Award, Ki-Shin-Tai Aikido Federation. 
Budo Gala Seminar Award, Rhodes, Greece. 
Grandmaster Award, World Taekwondo Magazine, Sydney, Australia. 
Legend Award, Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine, Stafford, England. 
Anniversary Award, London, England. 

Seminar Award, ISU, Rhodes, Greece. 
Grandmaster Award, Greece. 
Seminar Award, Dungannon, N.Ireland. 
Shogun Award, World Grandmaster Council, Orlando, USA. 
Laurel Award, Modern Combat Association, Rhodes, Greece. 
Bokken Award, Ki-Shin Tai Federation, Strabane, N.Ireland. 
Media Star Award, Lisbon, Portugal. 
Grandmaster Award, Genshinkan Federation, Russia. 
Honour Award, World Martial Arts Society, India. 
Superstar Award, London, England. 

Honoured Board Member Award, Action Martial Arts, Atlantic City, USA. 
Martial Artist Actor of the Year Award, Manila, Phillipines. 
Media Star Award, Lisbon, Portugal. 
Platinum Grandmaster Award, World Grandmaster Council, Orlando, USA. 
Outstanding Seminar Leader Award, World Grandmaster Council, Orlando, USA. 
Grandmaster Award, N.Ireland. 
Special Award, Azerbaijan Jujitsu Federation. 
Weapon Award, Shindo Wadokai Club, UK. 

Media Star Award, Hall of Fame, Lisbon, Portugal. 
Grandmaster Warrior Award, World Grandmaster Council, Orlando, USA. 
Fighting Spirit Award, Gati Chi International, India. 
Seminar Award, ISU, Athens, Greece. 
Grandmaster Instructor Diploma, ISU, Athens, Greece. 

Honoured Board Member Award, Action Martial Arts, Atlantic City, USA. 
World Academy of Martial Arts WAMAPS, Martial Arts Science Award. 
World Academy of Martial Arts WAMAPS, Martial Arts Philosophy Award. 
Grandmaster Award, World Grandmaster Council WHFSC, Florida, USA. 
Lotus Crystal Award, Gati Chi International, India. 
Honorary President, World Kickboxing/Karate League. 
Silver Award, Greek Kung Fu Association. 
Grandmaster of the Year Award, Police Martial Arts Association. 

Outstanding Martial Artist of the Year Award, Latin American MA Puerto Rico. 
Commemorative Clock Award, Monarch Jujitsu Association, UK. 
Warrior Award, Mixed Martial Arts Federation,Greece. 
Certificate 10th Dan Award, Federation National Martial Arts, Italy. 
Certificate Award, Hungarian Budo Federation, Hungary. 
Special Award, Swedish Martial Arts Association, Sweden. 
Special Award, World Combat Self Defence Federation, Bangladesh. 
Certificate Award, African Martial Sciences System, USA/Africa. 
Golden Martial Arts Legend Award, International Times Magazine. 
Media Star Award, World Grandmaster Council, Texas, USA. 
Honoured Board Member Award, Atlantic City, USA. 
F.E.N.A.M Italian Martial Arts Federation, Special Award, Padova, Italy. 
Hungarian Budo Federation, Honour Award. 

Grandmaster of the Decade Award, Worldkickboxing League, USA/Spain. 
Maryland State Proclamation, National Anti Gun Violence Program Certificate/Award, USA. 
European Budo Council Award/Certificate, Immenhausen, Germany 
Historic Member Award, WHFSC. World Grandmaster Council, Texas, USA 
Grandmaster of the Year Award, World Martial Arts Masters Association, USA 
Championship Belt Award, World Kickboxing League, Spain 
Sword of Honour Award, Gata Chi Federation, India 
Budo Award, IMAF Europe Federation, Germany 
10th Dan Global Black Belt Society Award, USA/Germany 
Warrior of the Year Award, Combat Martial Arts Association, New York, USA 
Supreme Grandmaster of the Year Award, International TVD Federation, New York, USA 
Honored Board Member Award, Atlantic City, USA 

World Kickboxing League, 10th Dan Kickboxing Certificate, Spain. 
World Kickboxing League, Hall of Fame Award, Barcalona, Spain. 
Legend Award, World Martial Arts Masters Federation, Los Angeles, USA. 
World Martial Arts Masters Award, Long Beach, USA 
Living Legend Award, World Grandmaster Council, Florida, USA. 
Martial Arts Legend Award, Sport Karate Federation. 
Martial Arts Spirit Award, IMAF Germany. 
Excellence in Martial Arts Award, Gati Chi Federation, India. 
World Black Belt Merit Certificate, Los Angeles, USA. 
London Federation of Sport, Gold Award for Sporting Achievement, England. 
Portuguese Kempo Association, Seminar Award, Lisbon, Portugal. 
Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame Distinguished Board Member Award, Atlantic City, USA 
New York City Police Dept. Tactical Training Unit, Award Certificate, New York, USA 

Gati Chi International Spirit Award, India. 
Gati Chi International Director Award, India. 
Police Tactics Instructors Award, Germany. 
International Martial Arts Federation Europe, Founder Award, Germany. 
German Karate Gold Medal Award, Germany. 
ISMA Board of Trustees Award, Valencia, Spain. 
Russian Federal Government, Sword of Honour Award, Police/Security Services Seminar, Russia. 
Irish Kickboxing Association, Seminar Award, Donegal, Ireland. 
Shaolin Martial Arts Association, Honorary Chairman Award, Omagh, Northern Ireland. 
International Martial Arts Federation, IMAF Medal of Excellence Award, Germany. 
Universal Taekwondo Federation 9th Dan Certificate, USA. 
WHFSC World Grandmaster Council 10th Dan Certificate, Florida, USA. 
Kobayashi Shorin Ryu 10th Dan Certificate, London,UK 
International Martial Arts College USA, Goodwill and Peace Award, London, UK. 
WHFSC Grandmaster Council, Founder Award, Florida, USA 
Humanitarian Martial Artist of the Year Award, WV. USA 
Distinguished Leader in Martial Arts Award, Atlantic City, USA. 

German Karate Special Award, London, England 
International Hall of Fame, Outstanding Personality in Martial Arts Award, Valencia, Spain. 
ISMA Technical Board Member England, Valencia Spain. 
International Confederation Police and Security Officers, Board Member, Valencia, Spain. 
UMAHOF, Legendary Founder Award, Houston, Texas, USA. 
WHFSC. International Grandmaster of the Year Award, Florida,USA. 
WHFSC. Seminar Leader Award, Florida, USA. 
Police Tactics Instructors Of America, England Representative Award, Florida, USA 
World Karate Union, Distinguished Board Member Award, USA 
Budo International Hall of Fame, Grandmaster of the Year Award, New York City, USA 
Polish Budo Federation, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland. 
European Martial Arts Organization, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland. 
World Martial Arts Organization, 10th Dan Certificate, Warsaw, Poland. 
Shuyokan Federation Seminar Award, Los Angeles, USA. 
Combat Karate Award, San Deigo, USA. 
Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, Spirit Award – Ambassador for Martial Arts, Atlantic City, USA. 

United Kingdom Martial Arts Renmei, Grandmaster of the Year Award, England. 
Haidong Gumdo Federation, Honorary Vice-Chairman Europe. 
WHFSC- International Grandmaster of the Year Award, Orlando, USA. 
USA International Black Belt Hall of Fame – International Award of Excellence, Pittsburgh, USA. 
Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Legendary Innovator Award, USA. 
UMAHOF Board Member, USA. 
World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Distinguished Founder Award, USA. 
World Karate Union, Board Member, USA. 
World Martial Arts Organizations Alliance, Grandmaster of Year Award, Toronto, Canada. 
Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Legendary Founder Award, New York, USA. 
IMAF-Germany, Seminar Awards, Emden, Germany. 
Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, Grandmaster Outstanding Contribution Award 2004, Atlantic City,USA. 
Zen Kenpo Council Professorship Award, Manchester, England. 
Zen Kenpo Council Sokeship Award, Manchester,England. 
Zen Kenpo Council 10th Dan Certificate, Manchester,England. 

International Hall of Fame, Founders Award, Valencia, Spain. 
Diamond Crystal Award of Spirit, US Black Belt Hall of Fame, Pittsburgh, USA. 
Combat Hall of Fame Award 2003, England. 
Aiki Tora Ryu Aikido, 10th Dan Soko Budo Certificate/Award. 
WHFSC Continued Excellence Award,Florida, USA. 
WHFSC Seminar Leader Award, Florida, USA. 
WHFSC Great Britain Representative, Florida. USA. 
IMAF.Germany/Europe – Certificate International Honorary Adviser All Styles Karate 
Worldwide Martial Arts Hall of Fame – Grandmaster of the Year, New York, USA 
Universal Martial Arts Hall of Fame – International Grandmaster of the Year, Houston,USA 
International Fujikan Federation Honorary 10th Dan Certificate, USA 
WKA/World Kickboxing Association Certificate 9th Dan 

European Taekwondo Union Honorary 10th Dan certificate. 
Certificate of Honour- Martial Arts Association-International, Board Member, Germany. 
Mayor’s Proclamation Certificate Cleveland, Ohio, USA -Gary Wasniewski Day -13th October 2002. 
International Circle of Masters Hall of Fame Award- Sportsman of the Year, Canada. 
World Head of Family Sokeship Council – Distinguished Grandmaster of the Year Award, Florida,USA. 
World Head of Family Sokeship Council – Seminar Leader Award, Florida, USA 
Panther Taekowndo Black Belt Academy/WTF Award Certificate, London. 
TAISHINDOH Karate Association 10th Dan Certificate, Pittsburgh,USA. 

W.H.F.S.C. International Grandmaster Award 
W.H.F.S.C. Grandmaster Council Member 
U.S.A. International Black Belt Hall of Fame 
Grandmaster of the Year Award 
Combat Hall of Fame Award 
10th Dan Status Awarded 
Approved by National and World Governing Bodies 

Combat Hall of Fame Award 
Combat 25th Anniversary 
Police Martial Arts Association Special Merit Award 1997 
Karate Course For Polish Karate Federation Warsaw 1992-1997 
Karate Course For Soviet Karate Federation, Moscow 1991-1994 
Karate Course for Spanish Karate Federation, Madrid 1989, 1990-1997 
Karate Course for Czech Karate Federation, Prague 1989, 1990-1997 
Karate Course in Tokyo Japan, 1990-1992 
London Youth Karate Manager, 1984 – 2001 
Bohemia Cup Prague, Czech 1989, 1990 
British Championships Referee, 1988 
English Championships Team Winner, 1985 
World Full Contact Champion, 1984 
German Open Champion, 1984 
B.A.S.K.A. Ind. Champion 198 
T.K.A. Champion, 1983 
A.K.A. National Team Champion, 1982 
TYGA National Champion, 1980